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The finest custom controllers

Gaming on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch?
Chances are your ”out of the box” controllers are boring. Let’s change that.

No More Drift

Improve your analogue stick accuracy and lifetime with Hall-Sensing tech, pre-installed & ready-to-play.

Upgrade By Controller


Switch gamers, your Pro drifting days are a thing of the past. Add to any of our Pros or send-in your own for upgrading.

PS5 Controllers

The DualSense’s fine engineering just got better, and drift-free.

Switch Joy-Cons

The feared Joy-Con drift is now only an ancient tale. Play with peace of mind and no more drift.

Xbox Controller

You’ve never played Halo with analogue sticks so accurate.

Gaming Like It’s 1989

If you’ve ever played on a Nintendo Game Boy, our new IPS screen mods for the hardware will bring a tear to your eye.

A Handheld Icon

Our new IPS screen Game Boy mods offer retro gaming with an upgraded twist.

Tap our chat for custom orders and special requests.

Magical Items For Playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Premium Edition Joy-Cons

Help Mario (or Peach) complete a level in style with our special edition Wonder Joy-Cons.

Magical Dock Cover

Make your Switch dock a decorative centerpiece filled with Mario Wonder.

Special Edition Joy-Cons

A clean Wonder design that completes your Flower Kingdom adventures.

Special Edition Clear Joy-Cons

Clear, retro and full of Wonder. Transform your Switch with Flower Kingdom vibes.

Literally the best controller ever!

“Holy Cow. These guys are awesome. These controllers are amazing. I have made my second purchase from GameTraderZero and my only complaint is that I now have to pick between my two favorite controllers when gaming.”

Aaron W.

So unbelievably beautiful!

“Cannot believe how gorgeous these are. Photos don’t do them justice — the blue is such a dreamy color and pairs beautifully with the white stick controllers and pastel buttons. The pastel hearts are such a nice touch! Absolutely over the moon about these and fighting everything in me to avoid buying a second set of the exact same — so nice I wanna buy them twice!“

Erin R.

Our mods. Your setup.

Look up @GameTraderZero on your favorite platforms to learn more about our shop and what we do.

I absolutely adore these!

They're stunning and complement my switch perfectly. Every button works smoothly, and I'm happy to report no drifting issues. I also purchased the matching dock cover, so now I have a complete and stylish set.


Love how they turned out!

Quality is amazing, color is beautiful, and they work great! Thank you for for the amazing customer service!