SnapBack Mod Upgrade for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

SnapBack Mod Upgrade for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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This snapback module is an upgrade to the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller, and can be only added to a custom Pro-Controller you’ve already added to your cart (it can not be ordered as a stand-alone.) 

Once added to your order, we will build your new controller with the upgrade.

What Is A SnapBack Module?

This controller upgrade ensures that when the time comes to flick the analogue stick and make a special move, your character won't turn the other way around due to the sheer force of your analogue flicking.

It comes pre-installed on the controller any Pro-Controller you choose from our shop AND Includes 1 free adjustment in the first 3 months if needed. Later adjustments may cost the price of shipping only.

Please note: This is an add-on and cannot be purchased separately. Orders with this module will take their full processing time, as any regular controller customization.

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