FAQs (aka important info to read before asking us any questions :))

Both look/function the same and are made from Original Nintendo Joy-Cons! New are made from brand new, out-of-the-box ones. Refurbished are made from fully tested ones we fit into brand new shells, with new buttons and analogues. We love to repurpose great tech. It's great for reducing e-waste and you get controllers that are a bit more cost-friendly with a few stories to tell :)

Yes, we definitely offer a send-in modding service :) Please tap “chat with us” and let us know what controller you have and what mod you’d like for it. We'll send you a custom order link and info on where to ship your controllers. Please make sure you wrap them well (preferably in bubble wrap). Since we use your own controllers, the cost will be lower and varies according to mod choice.

1. If you send in your drifting Joy-Con to be modded, we’ll fix the drift issue as part of the modding process.
2. Ordering from our shop? Our new analogues are rigorously tested to minimize the chance of drift as much as possible. If you ever experience any drift, we have a 90-day warranty. After that period, we'll fix it for shipping+part costs only.
3. We now offer hall sensing “anti-drift” analogue sticks which can be added to any custom controller you order from our shop or can be installed on your own controller you send in to our shop. When you add any anti-drift analogue upgrade to your cart, your new controllers will come with them already installed and ready to play.

Yes, of course. If you're looking at our shop listings' pictures and still can't find that exact something you’re looking for, tap "chat with us" on our homepage and let us know what you have in mind. We love talking to you and thinking of creative ways to build new controller designs for you. Oneck we come up with a great idea together, we’ll send you a custom order link to complete.

Joy-Con LEDs:
We've made this video to make it even easier for you.

Here’s an easy guide for you.

The Player LED mod is modding the colors of the 4 indicator LEDs on the side rail of each Joy-Con. These light up when a Joy-Con is being paired and indicate which player number it is assigned to (1 through 4). Original ones are green and we offer a variety of color options to choose from. Modding them creates a holistic aesthetic look to the mod.

Yes, all of our Joy-Con mods are fully compatible with the New OLED model.