Retro Pro-Controller “Famitsu Game Boy Light” Mod Clear Nintendo Switch Custom Controller

Retro Pro-Controller “Famitsu Game Boy Light” Mod Clear Nintendo Switch Custom Controller

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Futuristic and retro at the same time? You got it.

This clear Pro-Controller mod is our vaporwave take on a very special edition of the iconic Nintendo Game Boy which came out in 1997: The “skeleton” clear Famitsu Game Boy Light.

Only 6000 of the Famitsu edition were made: A treat that was never available outside of Japan. It featured the same electroluminescent backlit screen other Game Boy Light models did, but had a few more unique design features you’d expect to see only in a special edition Japanese gaming magazine kind of Game Boy.

As a Game Boy Light tribute, this Pro-Controller’s drop-down menu lets you upgrade it with LED backlit white buttons. When you choose the LED upgrade, we’ll set the LED color to a teal that resonates the Famitsu Game Boy’s electroluminescent backlit screen. BUT, you’ll be able to change the LED colors yourself with a simple button press and hold. Choose from Red, Green, Blue, Lime, Pink, Violet, Teal and two color changing cycles: Blinking or Fade in and out.

This Pro-Controller is made from a brand new, out-of-the-box, original one we customize to fit in a new shell with new buttons+new thumb grips+the original USB-C charging cable.

Your Switch will also recognize and display it in its new color.

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