Starfield Is Finally Here

Prepare to embark on an interstellar gaming journey almost thirty years in the making, as Bethesda releases Starfield, with a Starfield Limited Edition Controller to equip for your space explorations. We have been wanting to unbox this out-of-the-world controller for some time, but didn’t get a chance to. It is designed to take your gaming experience to new dimensions. But what exactly can you expect when you unbox this cosmic masterpiece?

First Contact: The Unveiling

As you open the box, the truly unique shell design meets your eyes, revealing the Starfield Limited Edition Controller in all its glory. The bronze d-pad and spacecraft HUD-style print surrounding the buttons, immediately capture your attention. Its smooth curves and semi-retro colors make it a true work of art, inspired by old-school astronaut gear which was more analogue and bulky.

Intergalactic Features

You immediately notice the beautiful bronze d-pad, the Two-tone grips that have a smooth texture on the face of the controller while the back has rubber grip texture, making it really comfortable. The clear triggers reveal the cool bronze colored rumble motors on the inside.

Stellar Details

The front of the controller is printed with all of the game’s button layout. The throttle on the left stick, power distribution on the dpad. The X button as the targeting button and A as the lock (I assume either target or camera). The RCS on the right analogue or “reaction controller system” is how you’ll roll and pitch to control your spacecraft.

Controller design easter eggs

With the Starfield Limited Edition Controller in your hands, you'll feel like a true space explorer. On the back of the controller, Microsoft reminds us that our hardware is the “Property of Constellation” on the battery compartment cover and adds: “Refer to flight manual before operating”, both of which are hilarious and a nice touch. Inside the battery compartment there’s also a diagram of the journey that mankind made on its way to the stars. 

From left to right we can see a slimmed down model our solar system. Consisting of earth, Mars, Ceres, and Jupiter. The missing planets, hint that  this was the route human kind took before going out to the universe. 

Suited up and ready

The more I look at it, the more I want to dive into the universe of Starfield. I’ve turned my xbox on every day for the last week and clicked the preload game button just to make sure I can start playing as soon as possible.

The game is coming out Sep 6th but if you purchased the deluxe editions for either Xbox or PC, you’ll get to play it September 1st. Or August 31st at 5pm pacific. Or GMT +0. While I would’ve also loved to pick it up on the Nintendo Switch I’ll probably play it on my Steam Deck as it is a PC and Xbox exclusive. If you’re like me you’re probably very excited about this one. 

And if you’re even more like me, you might want to get your hands on one of these for your space explorations.

For a more immersive experience, check out our unboxing video on YouTube.

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