When it comes to gaming, precision and control are key. We rely, as gamers, on our controllers to accurately translate our movements into actions on the screen. One crucial component that contributes to this seamless experience is the analogue stick. While most gamers are familiar with traditional analogue sticks, there is a newer technology that is revolutionizing the gaming industry - Hall sensing analogue sticks.

What is Hall sensing technology?

Hall sensing technology is a method of detecting the position and movement of an object using a Hall effect sensor. This sensor measures the magnetic field around it and converts it into an electrical signal. This technology is commonly used in various applications, including automotive, industrial, and now, gaming.

How do Hall sensing analogue sticks work?

Hall sensing analogue sticks utilize Hall effect sensors to accurately track the position and movement of the stick. Traditional analogue sticks use potentiometers, which can wear out over time and result in decreased accuracy. For Nintendo Switch gamers, this is the reason for the much talked about “drift” issue in Joy-Cons and Pro-Controllers. Hall sensing technology eliminates this issue by providing a more durable and precise solution.

Inside a Hall sensing analogue stick, there are magnets attached to the stick itself. These magnets create a magnetic field that is detected by the Hall effect sensor. As the stick is moved, the magnetic field changes, and the sensor detects these changes, translating them into precise movements on the screen.

What are the benefits of Hall sensing analogue sticks?

There are several benefits to using Hall sensing analogue sticks:

  1. Improved accuracy: Hall sensing technology provides a higher level of accuracy compared to traditional potentiometer-based analogue sticks. This means gamers can enjoy more precise control over their in-game movements.
  2. Increased durability: Hall sensing analogue sticks are more durable than their potentiometer counterparts. They are not prone to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  3. Reduced input lag: Hall sensing technology offers faster response times, resulting in reduced input lag. This allows gamers to react more quickly and effectively in fast-paced games.
  4. Consistent performance: Hall sensing analogue sticks provide consistent performance over time. Unlike potentiometers, which can become less accurate as they age, Hall sensing technology maintains its precision throughout its lifespan.
  5. Better power performance: Hall effect costs less energy and interestingly was used in the Sega Dreamcast, before designers moved to the alps potentiometer which was just cheaper to make

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, so does the technology behind it. Hall sensing analogue sticks are a prime example of how innovation can enhance the gaming experience. With their improved accuracy, durability, and performance, these sticks are becoming the go-to choice for gamers who demand the best.

How do I upgrade My Controllers’ Analogue Sticks To Hall Sensing Ones?

  • Switch Joy-Cons: We currently offer an “Anti-Drift” Hall Sensing Analogue Stick Upgrade to all of our custom Joy-Cons. You will usually have the option to add the upgrade in any of our Joy-Con pages when you select your customization choices.
    Once you have added the upgrade, we will build your new Joy-Cons with it, and they will arrive ready to play. No assembly needed.
  • Switch Pro-Controllers: Hall Sensing analogue stick upgrades for Pro-Controllers are a bit trickier to install and take longer to complete the mod, but we stop at nothing to upgrade your game.
  • PS5/XBOX Controllers: We are excited to upgrade these fine pieces of hardware engineering with new hall sensing analogue sticks so you can have endless hours of care-free gaming.

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